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How To Become an IAS Officer? All About IAS Officer

How To Become an IAS Officer? All About IAS Officer H ello Friends, Welcome to all of you to our blog Everyone has a drea...

How To Become an IAS Officer? All About IAS Officer

Hello Friends, Welcome to all of you to our blog Everyone has a dream in life to go ahead and make something and work hard for it. Some people want to become doctors in life, some engineers want to become IAS and serve for the country and want to make their name light.

How To Become an IAS Officer?

But becoming an IAS officer is not so easy, for this it is also very important to do a smart study with a lot of hard work. So today we will know how to become an IAS officer.

IAS is considered one of the best jobs in India. To clear its exam, lakhs of students give the exam every year, but only a few sharp-minded and smart students are able to clear this exam. There are some students who do not know anything about the IAS exam, yet they sit down to take the exam, hence it is said that before giving any kind of entrance exam, complete information about it should be taken.

✫  What is an IAS?

The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service which we also call Indian Administrative Service i.e. IAS. Every year UPSC conducts this exam. UPSC conducts examinations to provide around 24 services every year which includes many services like IAS, IPS, IRS.

After clearing the IAS exam in UPS, you are sent to different zones like District Magistrate i.e. DM, SDM, etc. There are many other posts that are given to you after clearing the IAS exam. The work of every IAS officer is different in his / her own zone.

✫  Eligibility Criteria for IAS Officer

●  If we talk about what is Criteria, what is the age limit for IAS officers. What are the qualifications for appearing in the examination, for this, the

●  candidates should be from Nepal and Bhutan.

●  You must be a graduate in any subject or stream.

●  The age of the general students should be 21 to 32 years and students in this category can give this exam only 6 times.

●  The age of SC and ST students should be 21 to 37 years and there is no exam adjoint limit for this category, you can give the exam as many times as you want.

●  OBC students should be 21 to 35 years of age and students of this category can attempt the exam 9 times.

●  The age for Physically Disabled Candidates is kept from 21 to 42 years and in this category, a total of 9 Attempts are given for General and OBC but there is no limit for SC and ST, you can give the exam as many times as you want.

●  In Jammu & Kashmir Domicile, the age limit has been kept for 37 years for General Students and 40 years for OBC and 42 for SC and ST and 50 years for Physically Handicapped.

●  General for Disabled Servicemen or Disabled from Duty Candidate is kept at 37 years, OBC 38 and age for SC & ST is 40 years and another limit is the same.

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✫  How to Become an IAS Officer

➤  Pass The 12th Class

if you want to become an IAS officer from any subject, then for this you must first pass the class 12 examination. If you are in school now, then it is science from any stream. Be it commerce or arts subject, you have to pass twelfth first.

➤  Complete Graduation

As soon as you pass the twelfth in any course, after this, you will have to complete your graduation degree in whatever subject you are interested in because to become an IAS officer it is very important to have a graduate-only if You can sit in UPSC Civil Service Examination. You cannot give this exam without graduation or a degree.

➤  Now apply for UPSC Exam

yes as soon as your graduation is complete, you will have to apply for the UPSC exam soon after that or else you can apply for this exam in the final year too. If you want to give an exam like IAS, IPS, IRS then for all you have to give UPSC exam because UPSC conducts these exams and this is the most difficult exam.

As soon as you have applied for the UPSC exam, after that you have to clear three major exams, the first is the prelims exam, the second is the main exam and finally the interview.

➤  Clear Prelim Exam

After applying for the UPSC exam, now you have to clear the first exam which is called The Prelim Exam. It consists of two papers and both have objective questions and both papers are of two hundred and two hundred numbers. To get into the next round, you have to clear this exam, which is very important to become an IAS officer.

➤  Clear The Main Exam

As soon as you have cleared the exam first, then after that, you will have to clear the main exam which is very difficult. In this, you have to give cool 9 papers, in which you have to give interviews along with Ritten. And it is a bit difficult, so many people are not able to clear this exam, and if you want to become an IAS officer, then you have to work hard and bring top marks in the exam.

➤  Clear The Interview Round

As soon as both your rounds are cleared, then after that, you are called for a personal interview which is about 45 minutes. You will also have to clear the interview and there are many interview panel here who ask you very difficult and tricky questions, then you have to be ready for this and you will have to clear this round as well.

So if you follow all these steps in this way, then you will definitely become an IAS officer. But remember this is not so easy. For this, you can also take a tutoring and if you want to pass the exam by doing self-study then keep in mind that this exam is considered to be the most difficult exam of India, so if you really want to clear the IAS exam then read carefully, one Pay attention to only one goal in time, if you do so, you will definitely reach your goal.

So, friends, Starchand hopes that today's article will prove to be very effective in your life. It has always been my endeavour that through our posts you get complete information on the given topic so that you do not have to go anywhere else. If you loved this article even a little bit, then, first of all, like it and share it as much as possible so that this information can reach other people as well and you can subscribe to our blog Starchand to get a similarly interesting and useful article always. Then give permission now. We will meet you very soon with our next post.

My dear friends, if I have made any spelling or grammatical mistake in this article, please forgive me as a small child and at the same time please comment about that mistake so that I can correct that.

Thank You!

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