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What is CPU & GPU ?

What is CPU & GPU? H ello Friends, Welcome to all of you to our blog We are living in the 21st century and today is t...

What is CPU & GPU?

Hello Friends, Welcome to all of you to our blog We are living in the 21st century and today is the era of technology where more than half of our work is done through computers and mobiles. Nowadays, computers, laptops, and smartphones have become the most used devices all around.

What is CPU & GPU?

A computer needs a lot of parts to run, such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU. The CPU is the most important part for both computers and smartphones. The intellectual part of the computer (brain) is also called CPU. Nowadays high-performance processors are installed in computers and smartphones which increases the processing speed of the device. The name of this processor is GPU.

Whenever we go to the market to get a new computer or laptop, in its specification we hear about the CPU and GPU. After all, what is CPU & GPU? How do they work? And what is the difference between them? All this information will be given to you in today's article, so definitely read this article. So without wasting your time, first of all, we know what is CPU? And how does it work?

✫  What Is CPU & How Does It Work?

The full name of the CPU is the Central Processing Unit. It is known by its name that it is a part of the hardware that helps to run all kinds of applications, software, and programs on the computer. It keeps running the operating system and applications continuously. It handles all the important tasks of a computer system such as econometric, logical and input, output operations.

CPU is known by many names such as processor, central processing, microprocessor, etc. It is also called the brain of the computer because it receives any number of small and big instructions of hardware and software. Processes all those instructions and shows its result to the user. That is why it is an essential part of the computer.

The CPU is a small chip that is present on the motherboard. The chip of the CPU consists of a number of small transistors. With the help of these transistors, the computer's program runs. The CPU completes the job of calculus. The CPU receives all the instructions of the computer and the input given by the user and completes the task at a speed of seconds over billions of operations. From this, you can guess that the computer makes all the work fast in the blink of our eye.

The higher the CPU's capacity, the more quickly it can run its programs and applications. In earlier times, computer speed was very low. But in today's time, multi-core processors are used in computers, which increases the speed of computer manifold. Friends, now we will know what is GPU and how does it work?

What Is GPU & How Does It Work?

The GPU's full name is the Graphical Processing Unit. It is also called the advanced version of the CPU. The GPU performs graphical calculations that the CPU previously did. Computer graphics are basically called pictures and movies made by a computer. Any image or visual we see on the screen of our computer and smartphone is called graphics.

Nowadays high graphics applications are coming on computers and smartphones and due to the processing load on the CPU, it was unable to run these applications fast. That's why GPUs were created so that they could make CPU work easier. One of the main functions of the GPU is to reduce the load on the CPU. The GPU's job is to render the image, which makes the image display faster on the computer's screen.

In this, the technology of parallel processing is used, which allows the GPU to perform many graphical calculations very fast at the same time. This improves the quality of videos and images, in the same way, that in a smartphone, the program also runs in the mobile from the application, it handles the CPU of the processor and whatever visual appears on the screen like animations, videos, images, sweeping, popups And GPU handles all these.

In computers and smartphones, GPUs are more needed for gaming software as high graphics or 3D animation are used in gaming which only GPU can run and whenever you edit an image or video in a computer, the GPU is the most used at that time.

Like the CPU, the GPU also has a multi-core processor, which improves the performance of the computer. GPUs are used in two ways in computers and smartphones.


The GPU is already integrated with the computer, ie it is a part of the computer's processor that handles all the graphics of the system. As if a computer has an Intel processor, then you get to see HD graphics in the Intel system.

Similarly, if a smartphone has a Qualcomm processor, then there is an Adreno GPU that you will get to see in Google Pixel, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi and LG company's smartphones or if your smartphone has a MediaTek processor, then there is a Mali GPU that has been used in Samsung and some models of Huawei smartphones. All these are integrated with the GPU processor as well as the device.


The method of use of GPU is dedicated which is used only for laptops and computers as it is installed separately in the external form. If you like to play games on the computer but a good graphic card is not present in the system, then you get the problem of lagging while playing the game.

To solve this problem you have an option that you can easily purchase any graphics card separately and install it in your system like AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and ARM's GPU. This improves gaming performance and the gaming software of large files can also run smoothly in your device.

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What Is The Difference Between CPU & GPU?

The First

Both GPU and CPU are processors that carry out the software and hardware tasks of a computer. The CPU in the computer is a generally proposed processor that does all the work like you can do mathematical calculations in it or work in MS Word and Excel, watch movies or songs, do some browsing on the internet, the CPU does all the work. But GPU is a special proposed processor that handles only the graphics of your computer. The GPU processes all the visuals visible in the computer, CPU work is very less in this task.


The CPU is called the brain of the computer that performs all types of tasks. GPU helps in speeding up the work of graphics in the system. It is designed to fulfill only one specific task.

The Third

There are very few ports in the CPU, which slows down its working speed but the GPU has many times more codes than the CPU, which increases the speed of the computer.

The Fourth

CPU's cores work on the techniques of serial processing and complete only one task at a time. GPU consists of Parallel Architecture cores that complete multiple tasks at a time. This is the reason that the quality of video and image becomes good due to GPU.


CPUs require more computer memory for processing tasks and GPUs require less memory for processing. GPU is a specialized technology but it cannot replace the function of CPU.

The CPU can perform the function of a GPU but is very slow, hence the importance for both computer devices and smartphones.

So we hope that you have understood what is CPU & GPU ? and everything about CPU & GPU very well.

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