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Hair Care Routine

Hair Care Routine H ello Friends, Welcome to all of you to our blog In today's time, men and women mostly face probl...

Hair Care Routine

Hello Friends, Welcome to all of you to our blog In today's time, men and women mostly face problems like hair fall and hair thinning. More than 25 percent of men and about 45 percent of women start having hair problems before the age of 21 years. Let's know why this is happening and how to fix this problem from the root?

Hair Care Routine

✫  Common Mistakes Of Hair Fall

➤  Heat

Heat spoils your hair in any form. So if you bath in hot water daily, use a hairdryer or hair straightening machines or spend most of your time in the sun, then avoid it.

➤  Harsh Chemicals In Hair Products

Does your shampoo contain sulfate or harmful chemicals? If yes, change your shampoo immediately. Such chemicals are a major cause of hair fall.

➤  Excessive Use of Hair Products

Using excessive hair products can also damage your hair. So try not to use too many hair products. Even if you use them, wash them before sleeping at night.

➤  Combing wet hair

Sprinkling or waving wet hair or combing wet hair weakens the hair so do not do this.

➤  Tying Hair Too Tightly

By tying hair too tightly, the roots also become weak due to which the problem of hair fall comes.

➤  Stress & Anxiety

If you take too much stress then the hair fall will definitely happen. Hair has its own life cycle. It is like a lithium-ion battery, the more tension you take, the sooner it will be discharged.

✫  The Major Causes Of Hair Fall & Their Solution

➤  Poor blood circulation

Friends Nutrients go through the blood in our body. Obviously, if the blood is not able to flow in your scalp area then how will the hair get nutrition. In this case, take any good diet but your hair will fall.

➤  Ways to improve blood circulation:-

Massage the hair

One way to improve blood circulation is to massage your hair three to four times a week. It is considered correct to do massage in a relaxed and circular motion. If the massage is too loud, hair can break. Do massage at night before bed and wash it in the morning.  

Use Chemical Free Hair Oil

But which hair oil to use? Nowadays, the maximum hair oil in the market is filled with petroleum products, alcohol, artificial fragrances and cosmetic colors that do harm rather than benefit the hair. So always use 100 percent pure oil like mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, castor oil or almond oil.

Daily exercise

Exercise is a very effective way to increase blood circulation. Doing any exercise for 15 to 20 minutes only increases blood circulation very fast. Especially women who are suffering from hair fall hormonal imbalance, they must definitely exercise for some time. Some asanas of yoga are very effective to increase blood circulation. Whenever you get time to do Balayam, it also increases the blood circulation in the scalp area, which reduces hair problems.

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➤  Increase of DHT Hormone

The second-largest cause of hair fall is the increase of DHT hormone. More than 80% of men have hair fall due to an increase in DHT hormone. DHT is made by a bio-chemical reaction of testosterone. DHT reduces the life of the hair follicle, chooses the hair follicle and finally closes them. DHT is the only reason bodybuilders who take testosterone injections are bald.

  Eat DHT Blocking Foods

But if you include some DHT blocking foods in your diet, then you can easily reduce DHT and its production. Fenugreek seeds, four to five soaked almonds, bananas, carrots, and mushrooms are the best DHT blocking foods.

➤  Poor Nutrition

The last but probably the biggest is poor nutrition. Friends, in today's runaway life, most people do not pay attention to their nutrition. Outside, Chinese food, deep-fried snacks, packaged foods, cold drinks, and fast food joints have stopped people from eating their food. No matter how tasty all these things are, it does not give your body a little bit of nutrition.

When those nutrients are not going to go in your body, which is very important for your hair, then no matter how much you try, your hair fall will happen. Friends, when we are not able to give nutrition to our body continuously, our body intelligence first stops nourishing the hair. She believes that work will go on without hair, so take care of other important organs. That is why any kind of hormonal imbalance or lake of nutrients has to be paid to your hair.

➤  Best Source of Good Nutrition:-


Every hair is made of protein, therefore protein is a very important nutrient to keep hair strong. Gram, kidney beans, chickpeas, all pulses, and paneer are good sources of protein. Include them in your diet.

Healthy fats

Then, friends, healthy fats are also very important in your diet. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, if you do not have healthy factors in your diet, then these vitamins are likely to be deficient. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, seeds and cow's desi ghee are excellent sources of all fats.

Iron & Vitamins

Iron and vitamin C also have a very important role to keep hair strong. Both are related, that is, it is very important to have vitamin C in the diet to absorb iron. You know that all green leafy vegetables are a tremendous source of iron and if we talk about vitamin C, then there is nothing more than amla. If you eat only one amla in the whole day, then you will see its effect very quickly. Apart from amla, lemons, citrus fruits, capsicum, etc. are also rich in vitamin C.

So, friends, there were some common hair fall mistakes, three major reasons for hair fall and their exact solutions. If you follow it well, then your hair fall problem will not only stop, but your hair will become more beautiful and stronger than before.

So, friends, we hope that you have understood everything about the hair care routine very well.

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