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What is DRDO?

What is DRDO? H ello Friends, welcome all of you once again to our blog In today's article, we will know what is D...

What is DRDO?

Hello Friends, welcome all of you once again to our blog In today's article, we will know what is DRDO after all? Have you heard the name of DRDO and do you have special information related to this organization. Maybe you know its name but this institution is a special organization related to the defense of the country, so you must keep complete information about it.

What is DRDO?

That is why today we have brought all the necessary information related to DRDO for you in this article of Starchand so that you can also be aware of special matters related to the country. So let's start and first start with what is DRDO?

✫ What Is DRDO?

The full form of DRDO is the Defense Research and Development Organization. This organization does research work related to India's defense and it has a huge hand in keeping the country's defense power strong. After knowing what is DRDO, now comes the turn to know when DRDO was established?

DRDO was established in 1958 to strengthen India's military strength and was then established as the technical department of the Indian Army and Defense Science Institute. DRDO works under the Ministry of Defense.

Presently DRDO Chairman is Dr. G. Sateesh Reddy. The agency of the Government of India has its headquarters in Delhi. The motto of DRDO is "Strength Origin is in Science" (Balasya Moolam Vigyanam) ie the basic science of power. Right now DRDO has 30 thousand employees out of which 5000 are scientists. That is why DRDO is a very special organization. Let us now friends, how DRDO works?

How Does DRDO Work?

DRDO is a continuous organization for the design and development of India's defense systems. DRDO produces world-class weapon systems and equipment according to the defense needs of water, land and sky forces.

DRDO also works in many areas of military technology such as Aeronautics, Armaments, Electronics, Materials, Combat Vehicles, Naval Systems, Missiles, Instrumentation Engineering Systems, Advanced Computing, Stimulation, and Life Science, etc.

The list of major products and technologies developed by DRDO is indeed quite long some of which we tell you here.

➤ Air-Borne Telemetry Receiving System

➤ All Electric Type Weapon Control System for ICV Antenna Systems

➤ Bhima

➤ Biomedical Devices for Internal Use (Implants)

➤ Biomedical Devices for External Use

➤ Diagnostic Products for infection imaging

➤ Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA)

➤ Integrated Weapon System Simulation

➤ Kaveri Engine

➤ Laser Warning Sensors

➤ Designed by DRDO for India's Safety Agni, Prithvi, Nag, Trishul and Akash Missiles is also included in this list.

So now it is our turn to know what is the vision of DRDO? The vision of DRDO is to advance India by giving it a strong base of world-class science and technology, as well as strengthening the country's defense services. Now the question comes, what is the goal of DRDO? After all, what does she want?
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What Are The Goals Of DRDO?

➤ Producing advanced sensor weapon systems platforms and equipment for the country's defense services.

➤ Providing technical solutions to defense services.

➤ Preparing committed quality manpower, as well as a strong technology base and infrastructure.

What Types Of Vacancies Occur In DRDO?

Now let us know what kind of vacancies come out in DRDO? So from time to time, DRDO keeps extracting job vacancies that have job options according to different qualifications. And in this agency, you can find jobs like Clerk, Stenographer, Fire Engine, Driver, Junior Research Fellow, and Research Associate depending on your qualifications.

Does DRDO Also Provide Scholarships?

If talking about the scholarship of DRDO, then girls are also given scholarships by DRDO's Aeronautics Resources Development Board. This scholarship is awarded to girls students pursuing UG and PG in Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Space Engineering and Rocketry, Aircraft Engineering, Ammunition. One who has also cleared JEE Mains and is an Indian citizen as well as a student in the first year of BE / B.Tech full time or in the first year of M.Tech / ME.

So friends, the task of creating new equipment for the security of the country was entrusted to the DRDO. This agency is accomplishing it in such a better way than today many big countries are far behind India in defense technology and many big countries are also demanding such advanced equipment and technology from India. The speed at which India is moving in this direction, every country has agreed to accept India's iron and what could be more important for us than this?

So, we hope that you have understood what is DRDO? and everything about DRDO very well.

So, friends, Starchand hopes that today's article will prove to be very effective in your life. It has always been my endeavor that through our posts you get complete information on the given topic so that you do not have to go anywhere else. If you liked this article even a little bit, then share it as much as possible so that this information can reach other people as well and you can subscribe to our blog Starchand to get a similarly interesting and useful article always. Then give permission now. We will meet you very soon with our next post.

My dear friends, if there has been any spelling or grammatically mistaken by me, please forgive me as a small save.

Thank You!

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