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What is Satellite? How Satellite works? Types of Satellites

What is Satellite? How Satellite works? Types of Satellites What is Satellite? - In this artical, you will get all about Satellites like...

What is Satellite? How Satellite works? Types of Satellites

What is Satellite? - In this artical, you will get all about Satellites like What is Satellite and How it works and interesting Types of Satellites

What is Satellite? How Satellite works?

Hello Friends, Welcome to all of you in our blog Today we are going to talk about what is satellite? How does satellite work? And its complete information.

You must have tried many times to know what is the satellite? How do they stay in the air? But do you know that out of all the work that you do in daily life, many of them are dependent on some satellite, whether you are watching TV or watching the weather on TV? If you are using GPS navigation in your mobile or you are talking to your friend or family by calling abroad, then all these tasks are dependent on some satellites.

✫  What is Satellite?

To understand this easily, a small object which is rotating in space around an object larger than itself is called a satellite. Satellite is also called satellite in Hindi.

According to this, the moon revolving around our earth is also a satellite but it is a natural satellite that does not run according to humans. Taking inspiration from the moon itself, humans have created their own satellites and left them in the orbit of the earth, which we are playing a very big role for humans.

Let us tell you that a man-made satellite can range in size from a small TV to a large truck. Here their size depends on their work. There are solar panels on both sides of the satellite, which gives them energy. At the same time, there are transmitters and receivers in between them, which act to receive or send the signal.

Apart from this, there are some control motors with the help of which we can control the satellite remotely. Whether to change their position or change the angle, all can be done through these control motors. Apart from this, the object for which the satellite is designed, you get to see in the satellite, like if the satellite is designed to take images of the Earth, then the satellite also has big cameras. If the satellite is designed for scanning then scanners will be seen in it.

It all depends on the work of the satellite. We mainly use the satellite for communication. Since radio and ground web cannot be used for complete communication of the earth, most of the satellites are made for communication work. With this, we will now know how the satellite works?

✫  How Satellite Works?

This question must have come in your mind that how do the satellites stay up? You must have known what is satellite? But here comes the biggest question, how do the satellites stay in the air? Why don't they fall on the earth?

There is a very simple rule for this, according to which, if something has to stay in space, then it has to keep moving around a big object at its own pace. Their speed does not allow the gravitational force of the earth to dominate them. So due to this rule, all satellites remain high in the air. So, friends, now we know about types of satellite.

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✫  Types of Satellites

The satellites are divided into three categories.

➤  Low Earth Orbit Satellite

All these satellites are so near to the Earth's orbit. Their elevation ranges from 160 to 16 hundred kilometers. They revolve around the Earth at a very fast speed, so they complete the rotation of the Earth several times a day. In such a situation, it takes very little time to scan the earth. They are mostly used for image and scanning.

➤  Medium Earth Orbit Satellite

These are satellites that do not rotate at very fast or slow speeds. They complete one round of the earth in about 12 hours. These satellites pass through someplace at a certain time. Their altitude ranges from 10 thousand kilometers to 20 thousand kilometers. They are used for navigation.

➤  High Earth Orbit Satellite

These are satellites that are at a distance of about 36 thousand kilometers far away from the earth. These satellites revolve around the earth with the speed of the earth, that is, if this satellite is just above you, then it will always be on you. These satellites are used for communication.

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Thank You!

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