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Irrfan Khan Biography : All about Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan Biography : All about Irrfan Khan Irrfan Khan Biography : In this artical today you will get all about Irrfan Khan like born...

Irrfan Khan Biography : All about Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan Biography : In this artical today you will get all about Irrfan Khan like born, early life, education, career, family, insprition & death..

Irrfan Khan Biography

Hello Friends, Welcome back to our blog once again. Friends, Irfan Khan, the prolific actor of the film world, is no longer with us. Irfan left this world at the age of 53. Actually, the film director Shoojit Sarkar has given information about the death of Irrfan Khan through a tweet and the director tweeted that my dear friend Irfan you fought, fought and fought a lot. I will always be proud of you

Actually, Irfan Khan had a Neuroendocrine tumor in 2018, after which he has been continuously ill and now finally we have lost this legend actor of the film world. So let us try to know Irrfan Khan through his biography from this article today.

✫  Birth

So Friends, this story begins from 7 January 1967 when Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan was born in Tonk city of Rajasthan. His father's name was Yaseen Ali Khan, who ran a tire business and his mother's name was Saida Begum Khan. He spent his childhood in Tonk and Jaipur districts. He was a very good cricketer because of lack of lichen money he could not go further in this field. But since childhood, he had a great intention of acting.

✫  Personal life

Talking about Irrfan Khan's personal life, on 23 February 1995, he got married to Sutapa Sikdar, who also has two children named Babil and Ayan. In 2012, Irfan Khan changed his name from "Irfan" to "Irrfan" because he wanted to hear more of the pronunciation of the word "r" in his own name.

✫  Education

Irrfan Khan studied his MA from Jaipur. Irfan was very talented from the very beginning and he was also very interested in acting, due to which he got a scholarship from the National School of Drama (NSD) while studying Master of Arts in 1984 and thus he got his acting talent more Also flourished. At the same time he also worked in many theater shows.

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✫  Career

➤  He later came to Mumbai, the city of dreams, to try himself in acting and gave a lot of auditions there, but despite many difficulties he could not get work. However, he kept trying his best and his efforts went a bit successful when he started getting work in some TV shows.

➤  In his early times, he worked in many more TV series like Chanakya, Bharat Ek Khoj, Sara Jahan Hamara, and Banegi Apni Baat. Apart from this, he has also worked with KK Menon in Star Plus' famous TV show Dar.

➤  Friends, Irrfan Khan may have been spreading his acting through TV shows so far, but his destination was to leave a mark on the big screen and finally in 1988 the time had come for him for a long time. He got a small role in the 1988 film "Salaam Bombay" but unfortunately his role was cut in the final cut.

➤  Now further Irrfan Khan had to struggle even more. Even after considerable efforts, he could not get work on the big screen for the next few years. However, he continued to live by working in theaters and then got a small role in the 1990 movie "Death of a Doctor". He also acted in a movie called "Sach A Long Journey" and apart from this he can be seen in many movies like "Peeta", "Big Day", "The Goal", "The Cloud Door" , And "men" etc.

➤  But people did not notice all these movies. Friends, Irfan Khan was still unable to make the identity he deserved even after working for a long time. But the good times started for him from 2001.

➤  When he starred in the movie "The Warrior" and the movie was also shown at the 2001 International Film Festival. Irrfan Khan was heavily praised for his portrayal in the movie and he became a well-known face in the public eye.

➤  In 2003, he acted in the film "Maqbool", based on Shakespeare's novel Macbeth. Though the film may not have proved to be a huge hit, but Irfan's talent was seen by all. In 2004, Irrfan Khan received his first Filmfare Award "For Best Villain" due to the superb acting done in the film "Achha" and was finally seen in his first lead role through the 2005 film "Rog".

➤  Friends, Irfan Khan's career was slowly moving towards higher heights. Another achievement was added to his career in 2007 when he received his second Filmfare Award "For Best Supporting Actor" for the film "Metro" and then the same year he won two Hollywood films, "A Mighty Heart", and "The Darjeeling Ltd." ". The Bollywood hero had now reached Hollywood.

➤  He was also well-liked as a cop in the 2008 "Slumdog Millionaire" and then went on to star in "Acid Factory", "New York", "Pansingh Tomar", "Saat Khoon Maaf", "The Amazing Spiderman", "Jurassic" World "," Life of Pi "," Haider "," Metro ", and" Piku "were also seen in many hit films of which Pansingh Tomar, Life of Pi, and Saat Khoon Maaf were the biggest films of his life. Was involved in and did in Pan Pansingh Tomar He also received the "National Film Award" for his brilliant performance.

➤  And if we talk about their recent movies, they are "Caravan", "Hindi Medium", "Almost Single" and "English Medium" etc. Especially the Hindi medium film was also successful in crossing the 300 crore mark and he also received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for this film.

➤  But finally 4 days after the death of his mother, son Irfan Khan also said goodbye to this world. Though friends, Irrfan is no longer with us, but his memories will always be with us.

●  So friends, we hope that this article "Irrfan Khan Biography : All about Irrfan Khan" will be prove very effective in your life. It has always been my endeavour that through our posts you get complete information on the given topic so that you do not have to go anywhere else.

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